Competitors (Saturday, 7/1/17)

 In Competition

A. 4B Weightlifting Class


B. Movement Prep

2 Rounds

30 sec Bretzle

10 Side Lying IR/ER

20 Standing Cross Crawl


C. Hero WOD


20 min AMRAP

10 Push Press (115,75#)

10 RKBS (53,35#)

10 Box Jumps (24,20″)


D. Accessory 

4 Rounds

30 sec GHD Back Extension ISO holds

20 sec GHD Sit Up Plank Hold


Thats all for today ! Enjoy the Holiday weekend, remember we are closed Tuesday so plan for a bit of extra work on Monday!

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  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. done
    B. done
    C. 10+28- calves gave pt last 5 minutes
    D. done
    E. 20 min alt EMOM of 1 MU negative 5 strict ring pull-up + 5 strict ring dips

  • Matt McDonald

    Rehab work only today
    5×8 elevated split squat 5 sec ecc with 25lb kbell
    Foam roll quads/hams 30 sec/side
    5×8 heel elevated (slant board) 5 sec ecc squat