Competitors (Saturday, 6/10/17)

 In Competition

A. 4B Weightlifting Class


B. Metcon

5 Rounds:

1 Min ME Step Up

1 Min ME SA Ring Row (30s/side)

1 Min ME Wall Ball (20/14)

1 Min ME Cal Row/Bike

1 Min Rest

*Score is total reps completed


C. Gymnastics 

For Time:



D. Strength

3 Rounds, NFT

12 GHD Sit Ups

15 Diagonal Band Pull Aparts (Each Side)

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  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. done 90# for 2 sets of 2 p snatch (hip) + snatch (hip) + OHS
    B. done
    C. 447 reps RX and so sweaty
    D. 5:20: arms got weak after 35….
    E. skipped ghd sit ups since i had to do them yesterday for core programming, did diagonal band pull aparts w/ tricep extensions