Competitors (Monday, 8/21/17)

 In Competition

A.  Weightlifting

E2MOM x 10 (5 Rounds)

3 Jerks

across, at a moderate weight


Extra weightlifting strength will become more regular, get used to it =)


B.  Movement Prep

2 Rounds

30 sec Foam Roll Quads (Each Side)

10 Single Leg Glute Bridge (Each Side)

5 Goblet Split Squat (Each Side) w/ 3 sec ecc.


C. Strength

Back Rack Reverse Lunges

3 x 10 (Each Side)


*Lunges are becoming more popular in the open so it only makes sense to train them; but in addition to their significance in the open, it is important that our athletes be balanced. Lunges are an easy way to establish whether one side is stronger than the other, a fault which might go unnoticed in squats. Lastly, single leg exercises allow us to accumulate the same total lifting volume without as much spinal loading, which can be a good relief after a heavy strength cycle like the one we just completed. We will start back squats in 4 ish weeks.


D. Metcon

For Time:

60 RKBS (53,35)

60 Sit Ups

60 Air Squats

60 Burpees

12 min cap


E. Strenth

Suitcase Deadlift

3 x 12 (Each Side)


*Don’t get too heavy here, the intention here is a core exercise not pulling strength, slow down and check your position, make sure your shoulders are level throughout the movement


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  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. 115 across (w/ men’s bar)
    B. done
    C. 95/105/115
    D. 11:30 (5:30 for all but burpees then 10 a minute)
    E. 50#, heaviest they had here, but did 72# for 5×10 on friday