Competitors (Monday, 7/10/17)

 In Competition

A. Movement Prep

2 Rounds

5 Heels Elevated Toe Touch with Foam Roller

5 Toes Elevated Toe Touch with Foam Roller

5 Hip Hinge with PVC

10 KB Good Mornings


B. Strength


15 min to complete:

Build to a heavy 3

then 2 x 2 @ 90-95% of heavy 3


C. Metcon

EMOM x 6

7 Pull Ups

ME Dubs in Remaining time

RX+ = 10 Pull Ups


D. Strength

5 Rounds

5 Feet Elevated SA KB Front Rack Split Squat w/ 5 sec negative, AHAP


E. Rowing
9 rounds
1:40 work
20 sec rest

*This is a preset workout called V1:40/:20r…9


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  • Matt McDonald

    3×15 split squat elevated heel 4-1-3-1 with 20lb kbell this week.

    5 sets 10 GHD sit-ups w/ 10lb med ball ssw 5 Romanian deadlift 185lb 5 sec ecc.

    5 sets 10 GHD sit-up w/ball ssw :30 25lb plate hold straight out, :30 plank.

    Arms have been smoked lately so working core today and favoring that knee still. I’m excited for this journey of healing up the knee, working on things I always hated to do, and making a strong push into next years Open 100% injury free.