Competitors (Monday, 6/26/17)

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Hey yall, this is a unload week, so expect a little less volume, but a little more skill work; and a heads up I’d like to get us back in the hang of cycling some heavier barbells so get ready in the coming weeks.

Reminder: If you follow this comp program regularly, please get an FMS scheduled with one of the coaches. Its important not only for you performance but for staying injury free that you move as well as possible.

While on the topic of moving as well as possible, found this quote this weekend from an athlete

“Isometric holds, unilateral tempo work, carries, and strict gymnastics, make up a decent percentage of my weekly training. Anatomical imbalances and strong tendons, joints, and ligaments make a durable athlete. A durable athlete is a consistent athlete. A consistent athlete is a confident athlete. A confident athlete is a dangerous athlete.”

As coaches one of our biggest goals is to have durable athletes who move as well as possible. That being said, we understand from an athletes perspective how some of this stuff (holds, carries, etc. ) is boring and not sexy like all the other things you see on Instagram so we are ever attempting to make it appealing and blend well with what would be considered traditional “CrossFit.” (A post will be released soon about why that stuff is important. )  So we have a request – mostly from East athletes, sorry Original Gymers we see you guys enough to know – shoot us an email ([email protected]) and let us know:

  • Your favorite WOD we’ve done lately
  • Your least Favorite
  • What you think you need to work on
  • One WOD you want to do
  • What joint/muscle bothers you most
  • As well as any other likes, dislikes, and questions


A. Movement Prep

2 Rounds

30 sec Foam Roll Lats

10 Side Lying Windmills (Each Side)

10 PVC Prone Presses


B. Strength

Strict Press

12 Min to build to heavy 5


C. Metcon

12 Min AMRAP

2 P. Snatch (50% 1RM)


400m Run

*Use the ligher 1RM between P. Snatch and OHS


D. Core Strength

E3MOM x 5 Rounds

30 sec Front Rack Hold @ 90 % of 1RM Front Squat


E. Metcon

EMOM x 9

Min 1) 8 Burpee Broad Jumps

Min 2) 16 Strict Alt. Single Leg T2B

Min 3) 45/30 sec DBall Carry (80#)


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