Competitors (Monday, 11/6/17)

 In Competition

This is a unload week, our weightlifting will be light so make sure your focus is hitting clean and snappy reps, and for our strength work we will be going heavy but it will be low volume.


A. Movement Prep

2 Rounds

10 Rib Grab Breaths

10 Prone Alt. Swimmer

5 Plate OHS


B. Weightlifting 


3 x 3 @ 60%


C. Weightlifting


3 x 3 @ 60%


D. Metcon

12 min EMOM

Odd) 12/9 cal Row

Even) 7 S2OH (155, 110#)

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  • Sarah Schulz King

    D. Done RX, unbroken s2oh

  • Matt McDonald

    B. 125.
    C. 165
    D. Done. Rx.

    Muscle up EMOM on rings.