Competitors (Friday, 9/29/17)

 In Competition



Reminder! No classes tomorrow (Saturday) due to KF17. We will have an at home wod posted on the CrossFit Blog for anyone who is not competing.


A. Movement Prep

2 Rounds

10 Supine Hip Circles (Each Side)

2 Supine Band Resisted Hip Flexion Hold x 15 sec (Each Side)

6 Front Squats w/ 3 sec ecc


B. Weightlifting


5 x 2 , across

Moderate weight, reset after each rep


C. Strength

Push Press

4 x 8, climbing

moderate weight, last 2-3 reps should be challenging


D.  Gymnastics

E2MOM x 12 min (6 rounds)

3 Strict Muscle Ups

*Pick a number you can maintain for 6 sets

**Scale to 3 muscle up negatives if needed]


E.  Metcon

EMOM x 6

15/11 cal Assault Bike


18/13 cal Row

*Sorry East just realized your bikes are at NA

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