Competitors (Friday, 8/11/17)

 In Competition

A. Movement Prep

2 Rounds

10 Toe Touches

10 Cat Camels

5 RDLs w/ 5 sec ecc


B. Strength


20 minutes to Complete

Build to a 1RM


C. Metcon

Partner WOD

12 min

800 m Row

30 Ring Dips


D. Metcon

For Time
24 Wall Balls
10 DB Power Cleans (50,35)
20 Wall Balls
10 DB Power Cleans
16 Wall balls
10 DB Power Cleans

Recent Posts
  • Matt McDonald

    Some weighted ecc split squats w/ couch stretch
    A. Done
    B. Up to 435
    C. 3+282 w/ Jackson
    D. 5:45 I think. Wall balls were hard today

  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. done
    B. had to use a men’s bar, in EVV again, 305# failed 325×2 then failed 315 (my 1 RM), almost had it but couldn’t pull past knees today on it!
    C. skipping today, gonna try to do it tomorrow