Competition (Wednesday, 08/10/16)

 In Competition


A. Barbell Conditioning
With a running clock:
Starting on the 0:00…
6min EMOM:
3 Squat Snatches (70%)

Rest 4:00

Starting on the 10:00…
6min EMOM:
3 Squat Clean and Jerks (70%)

Rest 4:00

Starting at the 20:00:
Death by kipping HSPU

*Drop each snatch and C&J rep from top and reset. Your choice on push jerk or split jerk.

B. Strength
Bench Press
*3sec eccentric. Stick to the tempo. Across. Aim for 5-10lbs heavier than last week’s sets.

C. Accessory
3 Rounds NFT:
8 Tempo Push Up
8 Tempo Goblet Split Squat
15 Standing Band Row (Blue/Green bands)
20 Feet Elevated Hip Extension (20″)
*3 second negative, no pause, 1 second positive of push up and split squat

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  • Josh Sampson

    A. 85# snatches, 115# C&Js, 4+3 HSPU. First time I’ve made it past round 2 unbroken! Did first four rounds UB then couldn’t put em together in time on 5th round.
    B. 115# across.
    C. Done.

  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. 90# Snatch, 122# C&J (skipped round 5), 11 rounds on HSPUs- lost balance after that

  • cam dickerson

    A. 75, 135, up to 5 hspu then started slipping (knees weak, palms sweaty)
    B. 165
    C. Done w blue

  • Matt McDonald

    A. 140,155. 2 cnj last 3 mins.
    Min 10 complete on hspu
    Forgot bench I’ll do it tomorrow
    Did a mainsite wod
    Muscle snatches, ohs, burpee over bar

  • Casey Hogan

    115, 155, but couldn’t do the c and j. Skipped a few rnds.
    Rnd 9 hspu. Very sweaty, slidin.
    B: 185 for 5. Couldn’t hit that last week, not bad.
    C: didn’t do

  • Shane Staggs

    A. 105, 155..did a few at 165
    B. 155