Competition (Wednesday, 06/15/16)

 In Competition


A. Gymnastics Skill
4 Rounds of:
8 Speed Skater Squats (per leg)
8 Natural Leg Extensions
*Keep hips tucked under, core super tight, and one straight line from knee to shoulder. Only go down about half as far as the guy in the video

B. Barbell Conditioning
Starting on the 0:00:
8min EMOM:
1 Squat Clean (80%)
Starting on the 12:00:
8min EMOM
1 Squat Snatch (80%)
Starting on the 24:00…
For Time:
Unbroken Thrusters (95,65)

*Thanks to CrossFit New England for this WOD.

C. Accessory
4 Rounds NFT:
2 TGU (R)
2 TGU (L)
10 Weighted Hip Thrusts
*Aim to use same weight on TGUs as last Wed’. Lay barbell across hips and put back on a bench for weighted hip thrusts.


Recent Posts
  • chris redden

    A. Done, i don’t think i went a 1/4 of the way back compared to the guy on the video
    B. Did BS and FS, also did class Wod worked to 155

  • Josh Sampson

    A. Done
    B. Squats with Chris then Snatch workout in class.
    C. Done

  • Sarah Schulz King

    A done
    B cleans at 130#, snatch at 100#, 5:25 for thruster WOD
    C done with 18# BU KB, 35# hip thrusts to save hip

  • Karlie

    A done
    B cleans105#, snatch 80#, 5:40 thrusters
    C 13# first 2 rounds, 15# the rest! all bottoms up KB, empty bb hip thrust.

  • Lloyd Tharp

    A. Complete
    B. 255# 180# 4:57

  • Casey Hogan

    A: fun
    B: 185, 135, 5:13 thrusters
    C: done

  • Matt McDonald

    A. No go. Barbell warmup
    B. 230 clean EMOM, 140 snatch EMOM. 7:15 wod