Competition (Tuesday, 12/27/16)

 In Competition


A. Mobility & Activation
2 Rounds
5 Side Lying IR/ER (Each Side)
5 Turkish Sit Ups (Each Side)
10 Goblet Squats

B. Weightlifting
P. Clean + Front Squat + Jerk
*10 min to build to moderately heavy single. Around 80-85% of 1RM P. Clean

C. Metcon
For Time:
150 Wall Balls (20/14)
**5 Sit Up EMOM, including 1st minute**
*15 Min Cap*

D. Barbell Cycling
EMOM x 6 mins
5 UB Hang P. Cleans (185, 125)
*Sets must be unbroken. Try to move through these quickly; but only if you can maintian good form
** Scale to an appropriate weight in order to hit five unbroken (quickly) each minute. 

E. Muscle Up Accessory
4 Sets
3 Strict Ring MU
5 Ring Dips
* Scale to 5 MU transitions on low rings if you dont have Strict MU (Moving from a ring row into a dip position)

Recent Posts
  • Josh Sampson

    A. Done
    B. 175# felt good.
    C. 8:50.

  • Karlie

    A done
    B 105#
    C 10:32 -not my favorite workout…
    D 95# wanted to go heavier but my legs were too shaky.
    E. Banded with strict dips

  • Casey Hogan

    A: Done
    B: 185
    C: 9:36
    D: some with 135. Got some bounces hang cleans pretty well
    E: done.

  • Matt McDonald

    A. Done
    B. 225
    C. 10:26
    D. 185. Mean but got them
    E. Did about 8 strict and called it

  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. done
    B. 135
    C. 8:44 – 10 ft target beat my karen time!
    D. 125 first rd, 115 for rest
    E. skipping for time, ill do it tomorrow- promise!

  • Camille Goldman

    A. Done – Bike warm up
    B. 140# cleaning it with no problem
    C. 7:20
    D. 115, 110, 105 rest – that was hard 😣
    E. 3 strict muscle ups 🤗 and all dips
    Practiced transitions on rest
    Handstand holds and hit myself in face with peg board stick 🤕