Competition (Tuesday, 09/06/16)

 In Competition


A. Weightlfiting
Every 2min for 16min
P. Clean + Squat Clean
*Build to a heavy set by round 4. Then maintain for last 4 sets. These are NOT tap and go reps. Reset after each rep. Shaving volume and aiming to go up 5-10lbs in weight compared to last Monday’s clean complex.

B. Strength
Back Squat
*Same weight as last weeks 3s. Upping total volume this week. Approx 80% of 1RM

C. Metcon
6 Min AMRAP:
10 Wall Balls (20#,10′ / 14#,9′)
5 Ball Facing Burpees

D. Strength / Corrective
5 Rounds NFT:
10 Band Pull Aparts (Blue/Red)
10 Supine Ring Row
6 Ring T’s
30s Hollow Hold
*This is a mobility/corrective “circuit”. It’s about completion of all the reps with technical precision. NOT SPEED.

Recent Posts
  • Josh Sampson

    A. 165#
    B. 5×3 @ 185#
    C. 6+10 Rx
    D. Done

  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. 155# for 4
    B. 175#

  • chris redden

    A. 225 for last four
    B. 255
    C. 7+11
    D. Done

  • Matt McDonald

    Did KF wod 1 again.
    165,205,225 all good. 245 power, and I feel the shrug isn’t going to happen at 245 from the hang. Gonna have to figure out what I’m gonna do.
    A. 185,195,205,215,225,225,225,235
    B. 225 across. Had to scale back here knees got tweaky at 255
    C. 6 + 5

  • Old DB

    A.) 110 kg
    B.) 355 lbs
    C.) 6 rounds
    D.) Done