Competition (Tuesday, 07/26/16)

 In Competition


A. Strength Prep
3 Rounds NFT:
6 Half Kneeling Bottoms Up KB Press (per side)
8 Straight Leg Sit-ups
10 Glute Bridges
12 Jumps from power position
*Jumps from power position should be quick. As soon as you land rebound into the next highest jump possible.

B. Strength
Push Press
*Across. Build to a moderately heavy set of 6 and maintain for all 4 sets.

C. Conditioning
For total time:
100m Row, 20sec rest
200m Row, 30sec rest
300m Row, 40sec rest
400m Row, 60sec rest
400m Row, 40sec rest
300m Row, 30sec rest
200m Row, 20sec rest
100m Row
*Focus on the fastest possible pace for each row.

D. Midline
For time:
*At a moderate pace. No rest, but don’t rush your reps.

3 Sets of 30 Unbroken DU
30 GHD Sit-Ups
30 Hip Extensions

2 Sets of 30 Unbroken DU
20 GHD Sit-Ups
20 Hip Extensions

1 Set of 30 Unbroken DU
10 GHD Sit-Ups
10 Hip Extensions

Recent Posts
  • Josh Sampson

    A. Done. 26# KB.
    B. Stayed light. 75#. Started feeling it in my upper back so I didn’t go up.
    C. 11:04

  • Sarah Schulz King

    A done- 18# KB
    B worked up to 125#
    C 12:23

  • Brittany Winsor

    A. Done
    B. 55,65,75,90
    C. 11:37
    D. 15:45 guessing-messed up du reps so I made up for them and added some time

  • cam dickerson

    A. Done
    B. 135#
    C. Class wod 2111 w BV
    D. Done. Didn’t time. Slow.

  • Shane Staggs

    D. 9:12