COMPETITION (Saturday, 11/12/16)

 In Competition


A. 4B weightlifting


Snatch Pull + 2 Snatch
7 sets
*Building. Focus on speed and technique – no misses.

Pause Power Clean
*Pause 2 sec below knee, then pull directly into clean/catch. Building.

B. Metcon
20 Min AMRAP:
200m Suitcase Carry (R)
200m Suitcase Carry (L)
20 Potato Sack Squat
20 Sit Up

C. Gymnastic Skill
ME set of muscle ups
3 rounds NFT
MU x half your ME #
200 m run

*If not able to complete MUs, complete:
3 Rounds of:
7 Strict Ring Pull-ups
10 Table Tops
7 Ring Dips
200m run

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  • Matt McDonald

    2k row at 2:15 split pace then 500m row 1:39
    20 min EMOM
    5 axle bar thrusters 95lb

    I’ll snatch and do the mup work tonight in my garage.