In Competition


A.) 4B Weightlifting Class


Snatch + Snatch, Above knee
*Building. Light / Mod. Focus on speed and technique.


Power Clean,above knee
*Building. Light / Mod. Focus on speed and technique

B.) Benchmark
20 Min AMRPAP:
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Up
15 Air Squats

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  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. class, 95# on snatches, 125# on cleans, stayed about 10# lighter than i could bc my hamstrings are still sore!
    B. 18+2 RX, PR!!

  • Camille Goldman

    Crossfit Maximus
    A. 90# snatch + snatch hang x 2 whew
    120# hang clean x 3 :)))
    B. Cindy
    RX 19 or 20 rounds so hard to keep track of
    Huge PR my best was 16 something
    Pull-ups were spot on unbroken in lifters
    Push ups not so good, biceps sore