Competition (Saturday, 08/06/16)

 In Competition


A. Gymnastic Strength
Every 30sec for 10 rounds:
1 Muscle-up + 2 Ring Dips
*Must be locked out at the top of the ring dip on the first muscle up before starting ring dips. So essentially you’ll complete 3 ring dips each round. If not able to maintain every 30sec, go to every 40sec, then every 50 sec etc until you’ve completed all 10 round. If not able to complete muscle ups, sub 3 Kipping C2B Pull-ups + 3 Ring Dips.

B. Partner WOD
A) 18 Min AMRAP:
200m Farmer’s Carry
75 DU
-rest 3 min-
B) 18 Min AMRAP
100m Suitcase Carry (R)
100m Suticase Carry (L)
25 Goblet Squat
75 DU
*Aim to only set bells down 1 time during carries. Same KBs for all movements. Both partners go out on carries. On AMRAP 1, partners can hand KBs/DBs back and forth. On AMRAP 2, each partner gets one KB or DB and switches hands at the 100m mark. One partner working at a time on all other movements.

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  • Casey Hogan

    A: complete, all 30 seconds. Good fun!
    B: 2 rnds each go. Not fun ha but good sweat

  • Sarah Schulz King

    Weightlifting class programming
    A. So I did 3 rounds and the got yelled at by 9am class to get out of the way and “open gym starts at 11” so then I was thrown off and kept failing. I tried after the wod, but ripped my hand on the first in. Not my day.
    B. 1+90, 2+ 25 with Desiree

  • Matt McDonald

    5×5 back squats @ 225 for breakfast
    Weightlifting class
    Gonna do some other stuff this evening in my garage.

  • Camille Goldman

    Weightlifting Class
    6×2 snatch at hip no dip 85# proud of that
    5×2 clean hip + 2 jerks 115#
    A. 10 x 2 band and MU kip practice, ring dips on rings
    30 box bar muscle ups
    B. Partner Kyle
    2 + 1 carrying those DB is hard 35#
    51 UB DU, they were spot on today
    Close to 3 rounds, he was jumping when time called not sure how many he had left.
    Mowed yard for time 20 min

  • Shane Staggs

    A. Complete..every 30 sec
    B. 5 rds + 200 meter carry
    2 Rds + 25 goblet squats