Competition (Saturday, 07/16/16)

 In Competition


*We’ll have a competitor meetup in New Albany today at 10:15am. Details under section B below.

A. Weightlifting
Four Barrel Weightlifting Class


Every 2min for 20min:
Power Snatch, above knee + Snatch, above knee
*Start light and build to a moderate load. Goal is speed and positions.

B. Metcon
With a Partner
50 Rounds for time:
2 Front Squats (155, 105)
2 S2OH (155, 105)
4 T2B
*Partners Alt Full Rounds. Front squats and S2OH pulled from floor. Squat clean is aloud on first front squat


Competitor Meetup – New Albany 10:15am 
We’ll be completing team WODs at the competitor meetup tomorrow! We have teams in CrossFit 222’s competition and CrossFit Broad Ripple’s competition on 7/30. We’ll complete 1-2 WODs from each comp and work on teamwork and transitions. This will be a classic CrossFit training session. We’ll get together, see who’s there, then decide on the WODs! Come on out, it’s going to be fun!

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  • Matt McDonald

    A. Weightlifting
    Did some bench press. My knee had enough today. Hit some power cleans and jerks with Lloyd in my driveway while the kids played

  • Josh Sampson

    A. Didn’t have time today.
    B. 27:14 w/the wife. 135×5 125×5 115×5 105×10. STOH was getting wobbly so had to go down in weight. 😒 Need to work on a faster and stronger lockout overhead.

  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. Weightlifting, worked up to 120# for power snatch + snatch + OHS
    B. 26:07 with Kate RX+