Competition (Monday, 10/17/16)

 In Competition


This week is a test & performance week. We’ve been building to several of these tests and benchmarks over the past 8-12 weeks. Overall volume will be lower because we’re looking for maximal performance on lifts and metcons. Give yourself ample time to prep for heavy lifts, an to warm-up your transitions and build your heart rate before metcons. Stay SAFE on your lifts this week and be honest with yourself. Don’t push beyond good form or full depth. Keep your diet and sleep on point this week, and practice mental toughness. If the lifts are there and you PR, then great! If they’re not, you’ll live to train another day.

A. Strength Prep
3 Rounds NFT:
10 KB Deadbugs (5/leg)
10 Monster Walks (R)
10 Monster Walks (L)
10 Glute Bridges
5 Tempo Goblet Squats (35, 26)
*Complete General warmup and ROM before starting strength prep. Hold a single kettlebell with both hands over your chest for deadbugs. 3 sec down, 3 sec up on goblet squats.

B. Test
Back Squat
15-20 Min to Find MAX/Heavy Single
*Dedicate a good amount of time to your back squat. Hit plenty of warmup reps, and do correctives / activation between your heavy sets to make sure everything is firing properly.

C. Benchmark
6 Min Max Distance Row.
*Damper setting: 5. This is an all out sprint that is going to burn. Keep intensity high throughout. Compare to 8/8/16

D. Strength/Accessory
3 Rounds NFT:
8 One Leg KB RDLs (R)
8 One Leg KB RDLs (L)
10 Band Pull Aparts (Heavy)
ME Parallette L-Sit
*Aim to increase time on L-Sits compared to last week. Hold KB in opposite hand of down leg. Keep a slow tempo – 3sec down. For L-Sits – Stack 2, 45# bumpers and keep heels above.


Recent Posts
  • Josh Sampson

    A. Done.
    B. 265#. Felt good. Only had one shot at 275#. Think I could’ve got it with a little more time. Still a 20# PR.
    C. 1700m.
    D. Done.

  • Sarah Schulz King

    A1: weightlifting from Saturday
    A. done
    B. 205 Front Squat, 5# PR failed 215
    C. 1470
    D. 35#, blue band, 25s holds (5s longer than before)

  • Matt McDonald

    B. 315
    C. 1590
    Hero “Glen” with Kate

  • Camille Goldman

    A. Done
    B. 205# 200 club PR
    C. 1520 PR 16 sec
    D. Didn’t do tired