Competition (Monday, 10/10/16)

 In Competition


A. Weightlifting
12min to Build to a Mod/Heavy Clean
Every 2min for 8min:
1 Clean at 90% of above

B. Strength
Back Squat
3×1 @ 100-105% of 3RM
3×1 Mod-Heavy Singles

C. Metcon
Open WOD 12.1
7 Min AMRAP:
Burpee to Bar
*6 inches above reach

D. Strength/Accessory
2 Rounds NFT:
8 One Leg KB RDLs (R)
8 One Leg KB RDLs (L)
20 Band Pull Aparts (Light)
ME Parallette L-Sit
*Aim to increase time on L-Sits compared to last week. Hold KB in opposite hand of down leg. Keep a slow tempo – 3sec down. For L-Sits – Stack 2, 45# bumpers and keep heels above.

Recent Posts
  • Josh Sampson

    A. [email protected]#. Pull felt easy. A little slow outta the bottom though. 185# for E2MOM.
    D. Done. 22 and 23 sec on L-sits. Way better than last week.

  • Karlie

    B. 155# 3×1 hips feeling off
    A. 115# 3x
    C. 112 burpeeees!
    D. Done 35#kb 30 sec L sit.

  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. [email protected], [email protected]… feeling slow today
    B. 200
    C. 87
    D. done. 35# KB, blue band, 20s each.

  • Camille Goldman

    A. 145# PR what ???? 150 so close
    B. 180# PR
    C. 108 reps
    D. Done red band and 44#
    30 butterfly kipping pull-ups
    Crossfit Maximus

  • Matt McDonald

    A. 260 5lb pr. Then 235,245,245,245
    B. 305×1
    C. 88. Bad deal. I am stronger but my breathing and work capacity sucks really bad

  • Old DB

    A.) Horrible session, couldn’t hit 265#. 255# for the 8 min.
    B.) 420#
    C.) Lost count after Reneé yelled at me for 6 min
    D.) Done