Competition (Monday, 08/08/16)

 In Competition


A. Weightlifting
Every 2min for 8min:
3 Power Snatches (across)

-immediately into-

Every 2min for 8min:
2 Power Snatches (across)

*Build to a heavy weight that will allow you to still be fast and crisp for 3 reps. Drop and reset grip after each rep, but don’t take more than 5 seconds to do so. No pressing out. Elbows should be locked overhead before the hips catch the load. Think about how your catch feels with just the barbell, and mimic that catch as you go heavier – Not just for today, but for every day. Try to go up 10-20 lbs for the sets of 2.

B. Strength
Back Squat
*Around 75% 1RM/Approx 10 lb heavier than previous week

C. Metcon
5 Rounds for time:
200m Run
12 RKBS (70, 53)
6 Pull-Ups
*Think “Helen”. High intensity and nonstop movement

D. Accessory
4 Rounds NFT:
7-9 Strict Chin Ups (underhand grip)
10 RDLs (moderate weight)
15 GHD Sit–ups

Recent Posts
  • Josh Sampson

    A. Woke up late had to skip.
    B. 175# across.
    C. 10:24
    D. Did this first then jumped into class.

  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. 100#, 110#- no press outs!
    B. Front squats 165×5 for 3

  • cam dickerson

    A. 115, 135
    B. 165, feels really light but it’s 75
    C. 8:53
    D. No time. Skipped it.

  • Matt McDonald

    A. 155,165 (some at 165 were press out)
    B. 235
    C. 9:34

  • Shane Staggs

    A. 145, 155
    B. 205
    C. 8:37

  • Camille Goldman

    A. Up to 90# – what 🙃 😆 those 30 minute warm-ups in weightlifting are paying off!
    Started at 90# went to 95# snatch snatch snatch getting better
    B. 3x 5 160#
    C. 11:10 What the heck? I must have ran in slow motion! 🐌🐌🐌 At least I lifted well, Sean said that is all that mattered! 💪🏻😅
    D. DB made me do different programming, jk!
    Done, except did 5-7 butterfly kipping pull-ups instead to work on them, my biceps were sore already for some reason. 155X3 RDL

  • Casey Hogan

    A: 135, 145
    B: 205
    C: 9:36

  • Karlie

    Happy birthday Case!!! Your 30’s are going to bring you even more joys!
    A. 70,80# really trying to like power snatches
    B. 3×5 @120 ( based off 160#)
    C. 9:19 Sarah and I went hard on this one.