Competition (Monday, 07/25/16)

 In Competition

2017 Open Prep

A. Weightlifting
10min EMOM:
2 Power Snatch
*Aim to use the same load as 2 weeks ago (7/11). We’re dropping the time interval from 90sec to 1min this week but aiming for same load.

B. Strength
Back Squat
*Across at approx’ 70% of 1RM

C. Accessory
10min Alt EMOM:
Odd: 30sec Goblet Step-ups
Even: ME UB Strict Pull-ups

*Goblet step-ups are for strength here. Box height should be near knee cap to promote good mechanics. Push the weight, but keep the reps strict with good form. No score. Complete at least 5 pull-ups per set.

D. Conditioning
Death By:
Goblet Squats

*Athlete chooses KB or DB weight. 1+1 first min. 2+2 second. Etc. 14min cap. Score is total rounds completed successfully. Record KB/DB weight in comments. This is a conditioning workout. Don’t go too heavy on goblet squat and leave a little in the tank today.

Recent Posts
  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. 105×2, 110×2, 115×6
    B. Basing of 250# 1RM-175×5

  • Josh Sampson

    A. Stayed at 75# to work on speed and take it easy on my back.
    B. Skipped. No squats this week.
    C. 53# w/24″ box. 8 step ups each round. 5 strict pull ups each round. First time I’ve completed 5×5 UB strict pull ups.
    D. 10+19 35# KB

  • Shane Staggs

    A. 135
    B. 205 3 reps last set
    C. 60# db 24 inch box 6 step ups each round 10 strict pu every round except 6 last round
    D. 8+ 16 45# db

  • Casey Hogan

    A: 145
    B: 185 off 265
    C: 53, 10s per round. First one 16
    D: 10 rnds even. Used 53
    Matt I worked on some 30 lb wall ball today.

    • Matt McDonald

      Nice, I’ll throw some on weds then taking thurs off and Friday mobility and easy airdyne.

  • Matt McDonald

    A. 160. Happy to keep this. Form not bad, final reps were kinda press out.
    B. Built to a heavy single today at 305lb. Didn’t want to do 15 backsquats since lots of goblet squats also today and knees don’t like high volume. Heavy singles felt safe.
    C. Done. Avg 8 step ups 1.5pood, pull-ups went 16,10,7,7,7
    D. 10 rd + 18 reps. 35lber. Went slow on goblet squats for perfect form. Burpees stayed elbows in tight and feet close together.

  • cam dickerson

    A. 135#
    B. 155#, kinda light but suck to current 1rm
    C. 53# kb abd 24 box
    D. 13+18 gave up in last round 35# kb

  • Camille Goldman

    A. 90# Best snatches I have ever done – thanks for all the help 🏋🏼
    B. 155
    C. 35# 10 and 5
    D. 35# 12+ 20 hard after back squats
    Came in and got it all done quickly, school orientations! 😫🚌🍎🖇✏️

  • Old DB

    A. 165 across
    B. 315
    C. Done w/ 70lbs
    D. 11+15. Feet were done.