Competition (Monday, 06/20/16)

 In Competition


A. Barbell Skill
8min EMOM:
2 Snatch Balance
*Start with an empty barbell and build to a moderate weight.

B. Weightlifting
10min EMOM:
1 Snatch
*Build to a moderate load before starting EMOM. Once starting EMOM go across or build. It’s up to you based on feel. If the lift feels good, go up. If the lift is not fast and mechanically sound, stay at the weight or back off.

C. Accessory
Deficit Pausing Snatch DL
5×2 @ 100% of Snatch
*Stand on a 25# plate. Pause at mid shin for 2 sec, below knee for 2 sec, then mimic snatch positions up to hip.

D. Strength
Tempo Back Squat
*Tempo 3011. This is the same tempo and rep scheme as last week. Aim for 5-10lbs heavier each set. That in mind, let tempo and positions be the main governor

E. Metcon
5 Rounds for time of:
15 Thrusters (95, 65)
5 Bar Muscle-ups
*Sub 5 chest-to-bar + 5 ring dips if not able to complete MUs

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  • chris redden

    A. Worked to 145
    B. 155×5, 165×2, 175×2, 185. No misses
    C. 210
    D. Did hatch squats
    E. Clocked was switched after round 2
    First round was 1:04, second round at 3 min mark

  • Sarah Schulz King

    A worked up to 100#
    B worked up from 95-130#- form changed from 125 to 130 😏

    • Matt McDonald

      you forgot to post results for

      • Sarah Schulz King

        I posted this after B, so I wouldn’t forget!

    • Camille Goldman

      Good Job!

  • Karlie

    A 75#
    B 90# then allll got in my head.
    D 85,105,120,135# (10#pr from last week)
    E worked on bar MU but I struggled. My confidence wasn’t in it.

  • Lloyd Tharp

    A.135 across first time working these

    B.185 across

    C. 225 across

    D. 245 across
    E.10:17 tough today

  • Matt McDonald

    A. Up to 155×2
    B. 155 across
    C. 185 across.
    D. No go. Trent was fixing to start E. So I jumped in right quick.
    E. 13:36. Unbroken mups and mostly sets of 5 thrusters.
    Mile run 80% effort.

  • Camille Goldman

    Today, I am very thankful for crossfit and the people that go to Four Barrel. Not one day that someone doesn’t ask me how I am and truly mean it. They probably don’t know how much that little question means to me.

    A. 95#
    B. Built up to 95#, I must say my snatch at 85# was beautiful. Matt would agree . Whatever we are doing in weightlifting is working.
    C. Love these I want to do more of them 100#
    D. 150#
    E. We need more WODS with bar muscle ups in them, and I need more exercise drill practice with the box on my transition. I’m naming this WOD “What the Heck”. I think Matt almost saw my boob on a couple MU, but at least Janice got a kick when I said he had seen them before. However, I meant not mine just in general. 😅
    Finished in 17:00 almost had the 15 minute mark, but I had to catch my breath before I could do those MU.
    I promise to be brief tomorrow 😬.
    Very hard and sweaty day! 💪🏻

    • Matt McDonald

      Great work today Camille!

    • Brittany Winsor

      Great job Camille!!! Hey, thanks for the help today! Much appreciated!

  • Brittany Winsor

    A. 55#
    B. Not feeling confident in these
    C. Running out of time
    D. 85,95,105,115- 10# more than last week
    E. 12:40- not unbroken, 55# thrusters, red/blue band pull ups, green band ring dips

    Thanks to my little Kaitlyn, I made it today with her prodding me because she loves the gym so much!