Competition (Friday, 12/23/16)

 In Competition


A. Activation / Mobility
2 Rounds:
10 Hip Cradles
10 Cossack Squats
5 Rockback to Goblet Squat

B. Weightlifting
3 Position Clean
(Floor-Above Knee-Hip)
1/70% x 4

C. Barbell Conditioning
Every 2 Min for 8 Rounds:
1 Deadlift
1 Power Clean, above knee
1 Front Squat

*Load should be between 70 – 75% of 1RM P. Clean, no heavier.

D. Conditioning
10k Row
*Conversational Pace

Recent Posts
  • Josh Sampson

    A. Done
    B. 155#. Fun from the hip.
    C. Stayed at 155#. Felt fast and form felt good.
    D. Didn’t have time.

  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. done
    B. 115# used a men’s bar!
    C. 115#- made an EMOM bc it felt light
    D. did a cardio class with my mom instead

  • Matt McDonald

    20 min Airdyne today at a hard pace. Total 256 cals.