Competition, (Friday 10/28/16)

 In Competition


A. Mobility / Activation
2 Rounds:
10 KB Deadbug (Each Side)
10 Child’s Pose Rotation (Each Side)
10 Side Lying Windmill (Each Side)
10 Band Pull Apart

B. Gymnastic Skill
8min Alt EMOM:
Odd: 3-5 Ring MUs
Even: 40 DUs
*Sub 3-5 kipping C2B (kipping, not butterfly) and 3-5 ring dips if not able to complete MUs

C. Weightlifting
6 Min EMOM:
2 P. Snatch, above knee + 1 OHS
*Keep weights <65-70% of 1RM snatch

D. Metcon
3 Rounds:
10 OHS (95/65)
400m Run

E. Strength / Accessory
3 Rounds:
30s Supine Shouler Extension
12 Table Rocks
20 Standing Banded Rows
*Keep fingers pointed back/away from feet on table rocks. 

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  • Josh Sampson

    A. Done
    B. Started but got a crazy crick in my neck. Gave me a headache and made me really dizzy on anything with tension in my shoulders.
    Did some tricep extensions and some dumbbell rows. Then Assault bike: 3×15 cal 1:1 work:rest ratio. 42-45sec each round. Head is pounding. Headed to the chiropractor as soon as he opens.

  • Sarah Schulz King

    B. pecs so sore, i didn’t even try to do MUs. 5 (really pretty) C2B and 5 dips each round
    C. 100# across
    D. 8:29, ran thru rig and back to bar, running sucked today
    E. done, green band

  • Matt McDonald

    B. Done – mups 5,3,3,3. Dubs ✅
    C. 140lb
    D. 8:15
    Might take weekend away from working out and heal this old body up