Competition (Friday, 09/09/16)

 In Competition


A. Barbell Skill
*After general warmup and positions

Clean Skill
3 Rounds (empty bar)
3 Jumps, hip
3 Muscle Clean, hip
3 P. Clean
3 Front Squat

Jerk Skill
3 rounds (empty bar)
3 Strict Press
3 Push Press
3 Power Jerk
3 Split Jerk
3 Split Press (Press in Split)

B. Weightlifting
8 Min EMOM:
1 P. Clean
1 Clean
1 Jerk
*Build for first 4 sets then maintain for last 4. Aim to finish with same weight as last Friday’s clean complex. These should be moderate in weight – Approx 70% of best C&J. These are NOT tap and go reps. Reset each rep.

C. Conditioning
3 Rounds:
400m Medball Run (20,14)
40 Medball Box Step-ups
*1min walking rest between each round. Hold medball in goblet position. Box should be at knee height. Focus is general conditioning. Approx 80% effort. Score is total time.

D. Gymnastic Strength
4 Rounds NFT:
6 False Grip Ring Pull-ups
30sec Supine Shoulder Extension
6 Tempo Ring Dips (3212)
12 Table Tops
*Pull chest all the way to rings on pull-ups. View the video with audio to get some tips on the Supine Shoulder extension Find a comfortable position where you feel a stretch in the shoulder but not a ton of tension in the elbows. 3212 = 3sec negative, 1sec pause at bottom, 1sec up, 1 sec pause at top on ring dips. Point fingers drectly to the sides on table top hold.

Recent Posts
  • Josh Sampson

    A. Done
    B. 5 @ 135#
    C. 15:55 Rx. 24″ box.
    D. Done. Standing tricep extensions instead of ring dips. Need some tricep strength.

  • Matt McDonald

    A. Done
    B. 135,155,165,185,195×4. Went with the power jerk today.
    C. 20:20. 30″ box. Didn’t read the knee level thing and couldn’t find my tape measure. Hard workout I almost chucked the pizza I had at lunch.
    D. No go

  • Camille Goldman

    Crossfit Game Team Series
    Hang Clean WOD 130#
    My back (from deadlifts) and butt hurt fell off bar (from Redden) so hard to do much.
    Rowing WOD about 100 on each cal and STOH
    with Allie