Competition (Friday, 07/15/16)

 In Competition

2017 Open & Regional Prep

A. 4 Rounds of:
8 Speed Skater Squats (per leg)
8 Natural Leg Extensions
*Keep hips tucked under, core super tight, and one straight line from knee to shoulder. Only go down about half as far as the guy in the video

B. Front Squat
*Make 10-20lb jumps to build to a moderately heavy set of 7. Leave enough in the tank to go heavier next week. We’ll be continuing this progression.

C. Gymnastic Benchmark
For time:
200ft Handstand Walk
*Warm up shoulders and activate core well before this one. This is a skill benchmark for us. 6min cap. If not able to HS walk well. Complete as much distance as possible in the time cap. 

D. 3 Rounds for time:
400m Run
12 Deadlifts (275, 185)
21 Box Jumps (24, 20)
*15min cap. Think “Helen” here. Goal is UB sets on DLs and Box Jumps and PUSHING the run. Lots of athletes can sprint on a 3-4min workout like “Fran” and lots of athletes can settle into a long Hero WOD.. But keeping a high output and fast pace on an 8-11 workout is where many athletes are lacking. Go hard and grind this one out. 

Recent Posts
  • Josh Sampson

    Worked on handstand skills for an hour before class. Handstand tabata and some other stuff to try to get into a handstand walk. Didn’t quite get there today.
    D. 11:53 @ 185# on deadlifts.

  • chris redden

    worked with Josh on progressions to get his HS walk
    C. 3:04
    D. 10:25 185lb, these three combo’s are not good for my back, didn’t want to risk injury.

  • Lloyd Tharp

    A. Complete
    B. 225
    C. 3:18
    D. 9:55

  • Shane Staggs

    B. Worked up to 165
    C. Worked on hs balance
    D. 14:03 @ 225

  • cam dickerson

    A. Done
    B. 155, could’ve gone a bit heavier but they weren’t feeling great today
    C. Nope
    D. 11.17 Rx

  • Karlie

    A done
    B 115#
    C 200 ft in 4:11 (first 50 ft unbroken)
    D did the leanx metcon. 18:46

  • Matt McDonald

    B. 205
    C. 200′
    D. 13:59 rx+