Competition {8/30/14}

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Yesterday wrapped up our initial testing phase. Be sure you’re recording your scores and/or posting them to comments so we can use them for percentages and revisit them for testing purposes. Regardless of what your lifetime PRs have been, the last two weeks should give you a good snapshot of where you CURRENTLY sit in terms of strength. 

Hopefully by now you’ve had the opportunity to adjust your diet to based off of the guidelines I put out last week. If not here’s the link again – “How Much Should I Eat?”

In addition I strongly advise drinking a workout shake during your training session – for multiple reasons: (1) Your body will recover better if you consume the proper macros during your workout, (2) because of the longer training sessions your likely to “hit a wall” mid session,  and (3) based off the strength gain goals that most of you have, this will help you hit your target macros/calories for the day. 

Workout Shake Guidelines


Every 2min for 12min:
Power Clean + Clean + 2 Jerks
Build into a moderately heavy complex. Focusing on mechanics. Hold split postion for 2 sec before recoviring on each jerk. 

4×8 @ 70-80%
Going as heavy as you can go each set while keeping good form. 

3 Rounds:
6-8 GHRs (3010)
8 Bulgarian Split Squats (Per leg, 3010)
*hold dumbbells or kettlebells in each hand for split squats

For time:
30 calorie row
30 box jump overs (24, 20)
30 T2B
30 wall balls (20, 14)
30 ring dips
30 wall balls (20, 14)
30 T2B
30 box jump overs (24, 20)
30 calorie row

Time cap: 21 minutes

Recent Posts
  • Logan P.

    A. 95,135,155,175,185,195
    B. 225,225,235,240
    C. GHR- 8,8,8,8
    BSS- 35lb KBs
    D. 24:30

  • Hoganation

    A: 185, fail 195
    B: all 4 @ 255
    C: bw ghr, yellow kb bulg
    D: 20:23 very rough

  • Casey Hogan

    A: 185, 195 fail
    B: 255 all sets
    C: bw ghr, yellow kb bulg
    D: 20:23

  • Derek B.

    A. 225
    B. 275-285-295-305
    C. Skipped (knee)
    D. 19:18rx. Ouch.

  • Matt McDonald

    A. no-go wrist injury
    B. 315 x 8 for 3 sets. 315 x 5 last set
    went right into the wod
    D. 19:46 using a generic rower.