Competition {8/27/14}

 In Competition

3 @ .65
2 @ .75
2 @ .80
1 @ .85
1 @ .90
1 @ .95
1 @ 100-105%
1 @ 100-105%

*Pull from rack. Avoid arching the back when working up to the heavier sets. 

Every 2min for 16min:
Halting Clean Deadlift + Clean
*Build into a heavy complex over the course of 8 sets. Start moderate and only jump 5-10lbs per set. 

12min to work into a 1RM weighted pull-up.
*Overhand grip. No kipping

Sit-up Tabata:
*Feet hooked under heavy dumbbells, arms across the chest. Shoulders should touch ground in bottom and torso should come past vertical at the top. Score is the lowest # completed in any round. 

10 Rounds:
6 C2B Pull-ups
6 Box Jumps
20 DUs
*1min rest after each round

This is a skill-focused metcon. We’ll be drilling C2B a lot between now and The Open. If you’re able to do at least a few butterfly C2B stick with them throughout. For box jumps, shoot for the quick rebound method – i.e. gathering yourself on top of the box and spending as little time possible on the ground. Lastly, DUs need to be automatic and essentially an opportuntiy to catch your breath.  

Recent Posts
  • Logan P.

    A. Up to 170 (5lb PR)
    B. Up to 210
    C. 53lb (18lb PR)
    D. 12 every interval
    E. 16:18 (including rest)

  • Andrew M

    A. 150# thruster
    B. n/a
    C. 60# pull-up
    D. 9 lowest interval
    E. n/a
    (I’m doing the 4Barrel General Programming, and adding some competition workouts afterwards.)

  • Cory

    A) 241
    B) 177. 187, 197, 207, 221, 231, 241, 251
    C) 100 lb
    D) 8
    E) 20:29