Competition {8/24/18}

 In Competition


Take today to get some serious rest and recovery. If possible, relax and put your feet up for a while. Sunday is also a perfect day to (1) PREPARE FOR THE WEEK and (2) LEARN. 

In terms of preparing for the week.

  1. Go shopping and prep food
  2. Schedule out your week – Training, work, and leisure. The more concrete your schedule is, the less distractions you’ll have. 
  3. Get organized and create a healthy environment (once again, minimizing distractions and increasing your opportunity for success)

In terms of learning, we’ll provide a few links each Sunday of articles, podcasts, documentaries, etc, that we enjoy and from which we’ve learned. 

Barbell Shrugged Episode 119 – Biomedical research, Nutrition, and Supplements with Dr. Rhonda Patrick 
*Go to iTunes or Stitcher to download on your phone.

Discussion & Debate on The American Kettlebell Swing

Documentary – Jiro Dreams of Sushi
*Check it out on NetFlix. A great story of someone who has truly mastered what they do. Lots of solid takeaways. 

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