Competition {8/21/14}

 In Competition

Today is an active recovery day. If you have the opportunity, perform the programming below. If you’re a Four Barrel athlete, this is the programming that we’ll do in our Tune-Up class tonight (minus the Airdyne)… So show up! 

Also, a reminder that NUTRITION IS THE FOUNDATION OF EVERYTHING WE DO. Use the PDF linked below to calculate what your macronutrient and/or caloric intake should be each day based on your body type and training needs. 

How Much Should I Eat (Advanced)

20 rounds:
50sec easy
10sec moderate

Soft Tissue Work:
-3 Min. Foam Roll T Spine
-2 Min/side Foam Roll Lats
-3 Min. Anchored T Spine

Stability/Activation Drills:
-4×15 Tall Kneeling Pallof Press
-4×15/side Diagonal Band Pull Aparts
-4×15 Foam Roller Wall Slides

-2 Min./side OH Distraction
-2 Min./side Lateral Opener
-2×20/side T Spine Rotation w/ Reach

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