Competition (4/18/15)

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We’ll be kicking off our next competitor cycle for non-regional athletes starting Monday 4/20. The training year for our Competitor Program is focused on the 2016 Open. While we’ll be starting with a growth phase, followed by a strength phase, we will always keep some simblance of a conditioning base so that you can be ready to compete in other competitions throughout the year.

If you know anyone that’s planning to jump onto the program, let them know that Monday will be a good day to start.

Regional Prep

6min EMOM:
4 Hang Power Snatches
*build into a moderate weight and maintain for all 6min. Don’t set the bar down during a set. Save low back for remainder of training. Focusing on grip and fast cycle speed

Every 2min for 10min:
3 Deadlifts @ 80-85%
*Pick a weight and maintain for all 5 sets

HS Walk + Freestanding HSPU
Setup 2 abmats 20ft apart. Complete freestanding HSPU on one, HS walk to the other, complete a freestanding HSPU and HS walk back. Complete 10 down/backs or try for 15min, whichever comes first.

5 Rounds for time of:
3 Legless Rope Climbs (15′)
12 DB Snatches (alt 70, 50)
48 DUs

For time:
2 mile run

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  • Matt McDonald

    A. 125lb for all sets of 4
    B. 365lb for all sets of 3. Dropped singles
    C. Practiced for a bit with these.
    D. Did 3rds RX 12:20.
    E. Around 17 mins for 2 mile run (jog)
    Meathead sesh curls, tri ext, floor presses.

  • Stuart Stark

    A. 115
    B. 85% was not happening today for me. Scaled to 305.
    D. Did not have access to a rope. 5 rounds of snatches and DUs. 9:54.
    E. 15:14