Competition (1/9/15)

 In Competition

Tonight is the start of the Four Barrel Athlete Camp. We’ll be completing the 3 WODs below. If you’re not able to make it, complete these WODs for your training today. Put yourself in a competition setting and give yourself ample time to warmup. Build into heavy weights and really get the heart rate up before each WOD. Then take 5-10min break before starting the WOD – similar to what would happen at a live competition. 


3 attempts to establish a Max C&J.

Athletes must pull at 0:00, 2:00, & 4:00. Athlete may not go back down from starting weight, but can increase weight at their discretion (even if the previous lift was missed).

-After the 6min mark, rest 2min, then-

For time:
30 Burpee MUs
*7min Cap


WOD 3 – Chipper
For Time:
100 DUs
40 T2B
20 Front Squat (225, 145)
10 HPC (225, 145)


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