Competition {1/5/14}

 In Competition

Programming is shifting to “Open Prep” this week. We’ll still be hitting heavy lifts but not at as high of a volume. Our volume will start to shift more to burner style metcons and our focus will switch to pushing harder and fine tuning our performance in metcon. 

Also, if you’re coming off the winter strength cycle a little sluggish and heavy, we’ll be adding in optional conditioning on certain days. 

On another note, we’ll be holding an athlete camp this weekend (Jan 9-11). We tested this concept a a few months ago with our regional competitors to see how it would flow. Things went really well, so this weekend we’re opening it up to all 4B competitors. The athlete camp is built to mimic a regional level competition. We’ll train Friday night, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning. Click here to view the full itinerary. If you plan to attend, please email me at [email protected] because I have to know exactly how many people are attending for logistical purposes. 

5 Rds of:
30sec C2B
30sec Rest
30sec Burpee BJO (24, 20)
30sec Rest
*Record C2B & BJO score from each round

Every 2min for 6min:
3 C&J

Every 2min for 6min:
2 C&J

Every 2min for 8min
1 C&J

*Build into a moderate triple, moderate double, and then a heavy single

Open WOD 13.4
7min Ladder
3-6-9-12-etc of:
C&J (135, 95)

*Go to Games site video for full standards

4 Set of:
15 Reverse Hypers (heavy)
15 Anchored Sit-ups
*Anchor Feet under DBs

Optional Conditioning
4x400m Run @ 80/85%
*2min Rest/Walk

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