Competition {12/12/14}

 In Competition

Over the next two days I’ll be programming in the 3 WODs from OPEX’s Winter Classic (2 today, and 1 tomorrow). It’s an online competition and it’s free to enter. Use the link below if you would like to enter. We’ll also be completing additional programming outside of these events.

10min Practice:
Forward Roll to Support
*Use low rings in rig, but don’t set too low or you’ll hit your head. Practice a few forward rolls first. Stay tucked tight and use spotter if need be. Here’s a tutorial. They don’t get into the actual roll until the end.

OPEX Event 1:
Establish a max load in the following complex, unlimited set attempts:
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang power cleans
6 Shoulder to overhead
*See WOD standards and video. Also, see the full events standards document at the bottom of the page.

For time
Unbroken CTB pull-ups
10 minute time cap, must break btwn each set

Back Squat
5 @ .75
5 @ .80
5 @ .85

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  • chris redden

    A. Done neat drill
    B. 175, started at 175 should have started at 185 grip was shot
    C. 4:28 Grip was shot from part B. Looked easier on paper
    D. 235,250,270

  • Derek B.

    A. Made it through like 3 hang cleans at 195. No thanks.
    B. Made it through 8s at 2:15. Almost ripped and hit total muscle failure so it wasn’t worth it.
    C. 250-265-285
    D. Airdyned for 15 mins.
    Need to regroup after bad training day. Beer thirty.