Competition (11/25/15)

 In Competition


A. Gymnastics
5 Rounds of:
8 Cal Row
5 Deficit HSPUs (6″, 8″)
30sec L-Sit (parallettes)

B. Weightlifting
12min to find a 1RM Hang Clean

C. Strength
5×10 Back Rack Walking Lunge

D. Metcon
10 rounds for time:
6 ring Push-ups
6 Thrusters, (95.65)
* 15 min cap

E. 10min Rest & Recovery Row

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  • Karlie

    A. Used abmat and plates. Still trying to get used to this standard. Getting more comfortable. L sits started to fade quickly.
    B. 120# hang squat clean
    C. 2×10 at 85#
    D. Class WOD 9:57 RX and 3 reps at 95# push press PR