Competition {11/24/14}

 In Competition

For Completion
Handstand Complex:
3×20 sec Hold against wall
3×5 Strict (slow)
3×8 Kipping
3×5 Deficit Kipping (6″)

*Repeating from last Monday for consistency and practice

Front Squat
*Last week before deload. Aim for 5lbs heavier compared to last week. 2min rest between sets

Every 3min for 15min
5 Tap-n-go Power Cleans (AHAP)
*Build into a heavy weight and maintain for all 5 sets.

5 Rounds:
30 Sec ME DUs
30 Sec ME Wall Balls (20, 14)
*Rest 3min between rounds

Recent Posts
  • Chris redden

    A. Done
    B. 225 this is rough on a Monday
    C. 155,155,165,185,185
    D. No go ran out of time

  • Derek B.

    A. Done
    B. 225. I hated life during these
    C. Tried a few sets at 195, but kept hitting a knot on my collar bone
    D. got 60+ DU each time, got 10ish Wall Balls each time. only rested 1:30 between rounds due to time.