Competition {11/1/14}

 In Competition

*This is the last day before a reload week.*

10min EMOM:
3 (Power Clean & Push Jerk)
*Tap-in-go. Build into a heavy set of 3 and maintain for all 10min.

Clean Grip RDL
*Moderate load. Focus on hamstring tension.

3 Rounds of:
1min Weighted Plank
8 One Arm DB Rows (per arm)
*5lb heavier on rows vs last week. 5-10lbs heavier on weighted plank.

5 Rounds of:
400m Run
15 OHS (95, 65)

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  • Casey Hogan

    A: 155 but did 8 emom because collarbone hurt like a mother
    B: 155 and 135
    C: 85 row. 15 plank
    D: oh Nancy, 18:28 in the artic tundra

  • Matt McDonald

    “Linda” today. 22:47 bodyweight 165lb. Needed to do this for me. Plus it’s cold as balls for Nancy.