Competition {11/11/14}

 In Competition

Every 2min for 12min:
2 Snatch Pull + 1 Snatch
*Build into a moderate set, no misses. Pressing and snatchig in metcon so don’t blow shoulders out early on.

Strict Press
5×5 @ 90% of 5RM
*2min rest between sets. If you don’t know your 5RM, build into it, and then complete 4×5 at 90% of the 5RM you just set. 

4 Rounds of:
15 GHDs
10 GHRs (3010)

10min EMOM:
8 Pistols (alt, 5 per)
5 T2B
1 Snatch (AHAP)
*Pick a snatch weight you can maintain throughout. The idea is to have to pull quickly and under fatigue. If you fail 2min in a row. Drop weight. Monitor shoulders and be safe.  

Recent Posts
  • brett moore

    A- snatch pull w/ 175 lb, snatch w/ 155 lb
    B- 5×5 @ 115
    C- legs were to sore to do GHR
    D- pistols to med ball, getting stronger with left leg, snatch @ 145 lbs

  • Chris redden

    A. Pulls at 175 snatch at 115
    B. all at 125
    C. No GHR quads hurt to bad
    D. Done snatch at 125

  • Casey Hogan

    A: 135 miss 145
    B: 115 all
    C: complete, #abs
    D: ok, missed first 2 snatches but kept going and hit the rest. Super tough. 135. Rx all.

  • Derek B.

    A. 205
    B. 115
    C. Skipped due to time constraints
    D. Done. Scaled pistols with 15# plate held in front for balance. Snatch at 165 no misses.