Competition (07/07/16)

 In Competition


A. Weightlifting Skill
Snatch Balance 5×2
*Light to moderate. Focus on speed under the bar.

B. Strength
Overhead Squat
*Build to a moerate set of 3. Focus on good positions.

C. Metcon
3 Rounds for time of:
18 Alt One Arm DB Thruster (70, 50)
60 DUs
*Set the DB on the ground to alternate hands – So you’re essentially doing a power clean and or squat clean with the DB each rep.

D. Conditioning
10min EMOM:
15/12 Cal Row
*Try to maintain a consistent pace each round. Come out of the gate hard but leave enough in the tank to maintain for all 10 rounds.

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  • chris redden

    A. 145
    B. 205
    C. 11:02. We didn’t have 70lb DB so I took the lesser of two evils. 60lb DB
    3:10, 7:04, 11:02
    D. Done.

    • Case

      Good work Chris! How were the one arm DB thrusters?

      • chris redden

        they were light at 60lbs, i think if it was the KB it would have been harder, but i prefer the DB over the KB, easier to handle.

        • Casey Hogan

          60 was light 🙄😳

  • Josh Sampson

    A. 105
    B. 1×2 @ 145. Need to work on locking it out better.
    C. 11:57 w/50# DB
    D. Done. 7:41 total row time.

  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. Used DBs at condo gym, worked up to 30’s, that was harder than a barbell
    B. Smith Machine OHS, did 155×3, but leaned into trap, so only counting the 145×3

  • Matt McDonald

    B. 185
    C. 2 rds only . 9:23.
    Knee problems. Might have to program my own stuff for a couple weeks to rest my knees.

  • Casey Hogan

    A: 145
    B: 165, too loose @ 185
    C: 12:32 60 lb, last rnd with 50, did squat clean thrusters most reps
    D: made all 10, 8 and 9 rnds hit it right before the minute.

  • cam dickerson

    A. 85# super light but couldn’t catch anything else today
    B. 115# pretty easy. Trying to get elbow pits up.
    C. 1 rnd at 55. Couldn’t hit dubs. Got frustrated. Went home.
    D. Class wod 5.11

  • Karlie

    A 65# I did mine like a true snatch balance. No heaving.
    B 115#x3 PR and then [email protected] 120# which was my 1 rep max.
    C 8:46 35#
    D ran out of time.