Competition (Monday, 06/13/16)

 In Competition


A. Gymnastics Skill
5 Rounds of:
10 Straddle Ups
10 Jefferson Curls
*Stay light on Jefferson Curls (15-35# bar at the most).

B. Weightlifting
10min EMOM
1 Power Snatch
*Build to a moderately heavy weight before starting EMOM. Whether you stay at the weight or climb is up to you. We’re looking for the lift to feel fast and crisp (and no “star-fishing” in your catch position).

C. Strength
Tempo Back Squat
*Tempo 3011. Make 10-20lb jumps to build to a heavy 7. Aim for the same loads as our 5×5 from last week.
3011 = 3 sec negative, 0 sec pause, 1 sec ascent, 1 sec pause/breath at top.

D. Conditioning
5 Rounds of:
Min 1: 40sec Cal Row
Min 2: 40sec Burpees
Min 3: 40sec Box Jumps (24, 20)
*Score is total reps. Rx+ (30, 24)

E. Midline
8min Alt EMOM:
Odd: 30 Sec Hollow Body Rocks
Even: 15-20 GHD Hip Extensions

Recent Posts
  • Sarah Schulz King

    A done
    B 105 for 3, 110 for rest
    C 175# x 7 tempo back squat
    D 165 RX+, slow burpees
    E later

  • chris redden

    A. Done
    B. 155 across all 10, focused on hitting positions and quick turnover
    C. Did my own squatting
    D. 213
    E. Done plus ran 800meters

  • Karlie

    A did straddle ups but did other shoulder correctives in between sets
    B started at 65# and worked up to 75# last 4sets.
    C 85, 105, 115 then 125# I used a belt and it felt soooo much better. Could have gone heavier with belt but needed to get to metcon.
    D 177 reps Rx+

  • Josh Sampson

    A. Done
    B. 115# felt good. 125# felt terrible so went back to 115#
    C. 165#
    D. Rx+ 174 reps. 37,35,33,35,34
    E. Done

  • Camille Goldman

    A. Skipped warm up
    B. Worked up to 90#
    C. 145#
    D. 195 reps RX+
    E. Done

  • Brittany Winsor

    A. Done
    B. Skipped, didn’t feel that confident today in snatches
    C. 85, 95, 100, 115# back squat
    D. 29 reps
    E. Done

  • Matt McDonald

    A. No go.
    B. 165 across. Feet got a tad wide last few singles.
    C. 205
    D. 167 rx+
    E. No go

  • Casey Hogan

    A: done, not as limber as guy in video
    B: 140 across
    C: up to 205, rough
    D: 186 30 inch
    E: qdoba

  • Old DB

    A. Done
    B. Up to 175
    C. Last 2 sets @ 275
    D. ~200ish, Rx+
    E. Done #AbsOnFleek