Competition (06/10/15)

 In Competition

Open Prep

Every 2min for 8min:
2 Above Knee Snatch
Every 2min for 8min:
1 Above Knee Snatch
*Full squat snatch. Build to a heavy single

Front Squat
4×8 [9] *Go up 5-10lbs compared to all sets last week
-superset with-
Good Mornings
4×10 [7] *Go up 5-10lbs compared to all sets last week

Stationary Dips
3×20 [9] -superset wtih-
Barbell Curls
3×10 [9] *Go up 5-10lbs compared to all sets last week

21-15-9 of:
Power Cleans (135, 95)
Burpees (to a 6″ target)

Recent Posts
  • chris redden

    A. 145 for 2 175 for 1 failed 185
    B. 205 & 115
    C. done & 80
    D. did class WOD 44sec slowest

  • Casey Hogan

    A: 135 for 2, 145 for 1, many misses 155
    B: knee pain, skipped fs
    C: done and 65
    D: 13:47
    I’m off to Italy tomorrow through next week! All are invited! Btw, I now weigh 176 through two cycles of Comp. 🙂 compared to 168 after paleo challenge. I’ve achieved what I wanted to do in a short period with this programming! I don’t have any plans for a competition. Should I get back into regular class WODs after Italy and some pool programming?

  • Matt McDonald

    A. 95,105,115,125x2s. Singles= 135,145,155fail,165fail.
    B. front squats feel heavy. Did what I could. No sets of 8
    C. Done. 65lb curls
    D. Class wod. :49 secs slowest