Competition (05/25/16)

 In Competition


A. Gymnastics Skill
5 Rounds of:
5/side – Elbow Side Plank w/ Twist
5/side – Standing Trunk Circle

B. Snatch Technique / Warm-up
3 Rounds:
*Use an empty barbell. Snatch jumps and pulls from the hip/power position. Pause in the power position for 2sec, then don’t redip before jumping.
3 Snatch RDL
3 Snatch Pull w/ Jump
3 Snatch HIgh Pull
3 Snatch Balance

C. Weightlifting
Every 2min for 16min:
2 Power Snatch + 2 OHS
*Make small jumps to build to a moderate complex. Focus on form/mechanics

D. Strength
Sumo Deadlifts
*Across. Use a moderate weight and focus on keeping knees tracking over toes.

E. Conditioning
With a running clock:
3 x 25 Cal Row, rest 1:00 between.
3 x 20 Cal Row, rest 1:00 between
3 x 15 Cal Row, rest 1:00 between
*Time stops after your final 15 calories. Attempt to pull a bit faster each round.


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  • chris redden

    A. Done
    B. Done
    C. 180
    D. 235
    E. 16:20

  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. Done
    B. Worked up to 115#
    C. All at 145#
    D. 18:46 total

  • Karlie

    A. Check
    B. Check
    C. Up to 80#
    D. 115#
    E. 23 minutes I think. 🙁 sucked so bad.