Competition (05/20/15)

 In Competition

Open Prep

Every 2min for 16min:
2 Above Knee Snatch
*Full squat snatch

Front Squat
4×8 [8] *Go heavy! Add 5-10lbs compared to last week
-superset with-
Good Mornings
4×10 [7] *go light on good mornings

Stationary Dips
4×18 [8] -superset wtih-
Barbell Curls
4×10 [8]

21-15-9 of:
Thrusters (105, 75)
Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24, 20)

Regional Prep

Athlete Specific

Recent Posts
  • chris redden

    A. worked to 165
    B. Went light today because of back. 165
    C. done & 75
    D. ran instead, didn’t want to do thrusters with back

    • Renee English

      whats wrong w/your back?

      • chris redden

        I hurt it monday, i spoke with Derek about it, he says it is in my hip, he gave me some stretches to do. it hurts to squat with weight, hurt really bad monday, today was better.

  • Stuart Stark

    A. worked to 125#
    B. 190# & 65#
    C. 65#
    D. 6:14

  • Casey Hogan

    A: 135 for two
    B: 185, last two sets I saw the light and couldn’t get all 8. Prob too heavy for 4 sets.
    C: 65, dip failure first 2 sets, REAL sore from dips and push-ups yesterday
    D: 8:51

  • Matt McDonald

    My body is wrecked from Mondays squats still. I did Mainsite “Capoot” 39mins at the track.

  • Karlie

    A. 80# last 2 sets. New pr for me.
    B. 105# fs 4×8. Hardest thing I’ve ever done and so damn proud I got it done. That was a PR too!
    C. Didn’t get around to this today.
    D. Class WOD and deadlift. PR 155# 1×10
    Earned my icecream today with 3 PR’s.