Competition (05/16/16)

 In Competition

2017 Open & Regional Prep

A. Gymnastics Warmup
Twisting Squats
-ss w-
Cossack Squats
5×10 (5/side)

B. Weightlifting
Power Snatch, Above Knee
*2sec pause above knee. Build to a heavy double. Make small jumps (5-10lbs) per set and only move up if both reps feel fast/clean.

C. Strength
Tempo Back Squats
*3sec neg, 2sec pause in bottom, explode to top. Start at a moderate load and make 10-20lb jumps each set. Do not chase weight. Focus on positions. If you have a chink in the armor now, it will get worse as we get into heavy 3s and 1s.

D. Conditioning
15min EMOM:
15sec Cal Row Sprint, 45sec Easy Row
*Keep track of total calories rowed. Easy row should be at a pace that is slow enough to keep moving yet recover. Do not stop row completely.

E. Accessory
3 Rounds of:
Min 1: Side Plank (L)
Min 2: Side Plank (R)
Min 3: Suitcase KB DL (L)
Min 4: Suitcase KB DL (R)


Recent Posts
  • chris redden

    A. done, twisting squats was neat
    B. 145
    C. 205
    D. read it wrong i did 15 EMOM 15Cal row
    E. Done

  • Lloyd Tharp

    B. 165
    C. 225 across
    D. 119 cal during sprints
    231 total cal and 3,630m

  • Matt McDonald

    A. Did the Cossack squat but couldn’t do a twisting squat so did 10 air squats between cossacks
    B. 95,115,125,135,145,155,165×1
    C. Up to 205. Form focus
    D. Subbed Shwinn airdyne since in my garage tonight. Burnt me up. 192 cals
    E. Planks only

  • Renee Belcher

    A. Done
    B. 115
    C. 215
    D. Done
    E. Done (53)

  • Casey Hogan

    A: dude, I couldn’t do 1 twist squat, 10 min trying
    B: 145 double
    C: 205
    D: skip
    E: 53 KB

  • Chris Hall

    A done
    B 155
    C 245
    D 175 cal total
    E 70lb

  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. Done
    B. 95, not feeling it
    C. 145
    D. Done
    E. Done at 53#