Competition (05/06/16)

 In Competition


A. Weightlifting
Squat Clean, Floor
*Build to a moderate 3

B. Strength
Strict Press
*Make 5-10 lbs jumps to build to a moderate 5

C. Benchmark
1000m Row
50 Thrusters (45, 35)
30 Pull-ups
*15min cap

D. Accessory
Tempo Ring Dips
*3sec negative, 2 sec pause in bottom, strict press out of bottom
-ss w-
Weighted Planks
*Plank between two boxes and use a chain belt with weight suspended

Recent Posts
  • chris redden

    A. 235
    B. 135
    C. 6:15 PR all thrusters and pullups unbroken
    D. Done

  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. Worked up to 135#
    B. Worked up to 90#
    C. 9:30 RX
    D. Done. Worked up to 35# for last 2 planks

  • Chris Hall

    A worked to 245
    B 165
    C 7:30

  • Matt McDonald

    A. Up to 225×3 Attempted heavy single 255 no go
    B. 95,125,135,140,145
    C. Not metconning today. Been breathing fire all week.
    D. Done, not weighted planks and not unbroken. (Need to plank more). Dips were good.

  • Casey Hogan

    A: warmed up
    B: 115
    C: 7:33
    D: dips