Competition (05/02/15)

 In Competition

Open Prep

Every 2min for 14min:
2 Hang Snatches
*Drop and reset after each rep. Build into a heavy double

5×8 (9)
*Move up 5-10lbs
*2min Rest Between Sets

Reverse Hyper
4×20 [8] -superset with-
Plank Holds

5 Rounds of:
50ft High Bar Prowler Push
50ft Low Bar Prowler Push
20 RKBS (70, 53)
*2x45lbs plates on each upright of prowler, so 4 total

Regional Prep

Every 2min for 12min:
5 TNG Power Snatch
*Build into a moderate weight and either maintain or move up 5lbs between sets if feeling good. Focus on speed. No pausing at the hip.

Bench Press
6×3 @ 9 RPE
*Add 5-10lbs to last week
-superset with-
Ring Rows
6×3 @ 8

Regional Event 14.5
10 Rounds of:
1 Legless Rope Climb (14′)
200ft Sprint

Cinco 1:
Three rounds of:
5 Deadlifts (405 / 265 lbs)
5 weighted One-legged squats, left leg (53 / 35 lb KB)
5 weighted One-legged squats, right leg (53 / 35 lb KB)
80’ Handstand walk
*7min Cap. Cinco 2 starts at 8min mark

Cinco 2:
Three Rounds of:
5 Muscle-ups
5 Deficit handstand push-ups (8″, 6″)
90’ FRONT RACK walking lunge (160 / 100 lb axle bar)
*7min Cap. I know original cinco called for OH Walking Lunge, but we did that on Wed’, so we’re subbing Front Rack today

2mile Run
*Easy pace. 120-140 Heartrate

Recent Posts
  • Casey Hogan

    D: complete. Maybe 20-30 minutes. Took forever but I needed it.

  • Stuart Stark

    A. worked to 135#
    B. 285#
    C. No reverse hyper, so I tried to modify with a band strapped to the rig
    D. No prowler. Did sled pulls instead.
    For time:
    run 50ft, down and back
    sled pull 50ft, down and back (2 45# plates)
    sled pull 50ft, down and back (3 45# plates)
    sled pull 50ft, down and back (4 45# plates)
    sled pull 50ft, down and back (5 45# plates)
    run 50ft, down and back
    – 5:58

  • Renee English

    Regional Prep:
    A. 90,95,100×2,105×2
    B. 120×6, done
    C. 9:57 (5 legless to 14, 5 legless as far as I could go), better than last time.
    D. Cinco 1 (all but HS walk) Rx, Cinco 2: on MU 2nd round.
    E. Did WOD w/Kristi: 5 rounds: 200m Run, 10 Burpees, 10 Front Rack W-Lunges 16 somthing.
    F. Ran about a mile and a half, easy pace.