Competition (04/27/15)

 In Competition

Open Prep

Every 2min for 16min:
3 Pos Power Clean
*Start moderate and build into a heavy-ish complex

Back Squat
4×12 [9] -superset with-
Glute Bridges
*Aim for 5-10lbs heavier than last week on back squat

4×12 [9] -superset with-
4×6-8 [9] *Aim for 5-10lbs heavier than last week on RDLs

4×12 / leg [9] Perform all 12 on right, and then all 12 on left
-superset with-
Calf Raise
*Aim for 5-10lbs heavier on lunge. Use steps and a dumbbell to help wegith calf raises

6 Rounds for time of:
14 Pistols (alt)
12 RKBS (70, 53)
10 Push Press (95, 65)

Regional Prep

Every 30 sec for 5min:
1 Broad Jump (80-90% ME)
3 Attempts to establish a max broad jump
*rest as needed. 2 foot takeoff. 2 foot landing.

Every 2 min for 10min
(Clean Pull + Clean)x2

Every 2min for 8min
Clean Pull + Clean

*Build into a heavy double and single

Every 90 sec for 9min
3 Front Squats
*build into a heavy load and maintain for all 6 sets

HS Walk + Freestanding HSPU
Setup 2 abmats 20ft apart. Complete freestanding HSPU on one, HS walk to the other, complete a freestanding HSPU and HS walk back. Complete 10 down/backs or try for 15min, whichever comes first.

For time:
10 GTOH (255, 170)
20 MUs
30 Wall Balls (30, 20)
40 T2B
50 Cal Row

8x45sec ME Airdyne
*2min walking rest

Recent Posts
  • chris redden

    A. worked to 200
    B. 185lbs
    C. 145 & 90
    D. 105 & 20lb dumbell
    E. 8:22

  • Karlie

    E. 16:56. Rig pistols (didn’t have lifters), 55# (scaled for shldr) rx kb
    A. Worked up to 95#
    B glute bridges 3×20
    D. 35# lunges 15# calf raises

  • Stuart Stark

    A. worked to 185#
    B. 165#
    C. 145# & 4×8
    D. 65# back weighted lunges & 20# DBs
    E. 12:00

  • Renee English

    A. About 1-3/4 mat each time
    B. 125,135,145,155,160 x2
    165,175,175,185 x1
    C. 195 for all
    D. Practiced HS holds
    E. 18 something (scaled to 150#, 11mu,14#)
    F. Done

  • Jon Esposito

    Regional Prep.
    A. 2.5 mats
    B. Worked to 265×2 and 305# for singles.
    C. 310#. Thought it was 300#. Whoops.
    D. Skipped. No place to do it.
    E. 16:20. Nasty. 255# was a fun ride for 10.
    F. Done. 45sec felt real long.

  • Matt McDonald

    A. Up to 215 for the complex. Then Pr’d my Powerclean at 250lb.
    B. 145lb for 4×12 bs. No glute bridges.
    C and D no go
    E. 19 mins of struggling on pistols. Oh well, it is what it is. Finished it tho.
    Finished with a row, bicep curl bro sesh

  • Brent Cowan

    A)up to 205
    B) 185
    D)just 65lb on lunges
    E) modify pistols on low box .. Took 18:44 but finished