Competition (04/23/16)

 In Competition


A. Gymnastics & Midline Conditioning
4 Rounds:
Min 1: 30sec Hollow Body Rock
Min 2: 30sec Alt One Arm KB Swing (russian, 53, 35)
Min 3: 30sec HSPU

B. Strength
Bench Press
*Make 5-10 lbs jumps to build to a heavy 5

C. Metcon
5 Rounds for time of:
400m Run
10 Box Jumps (24, 20)
15 RKBS (53, 35)
20 HRPUs
*Rx+ (70, 53)

D. Accessory
Dumbbell Curls
-ss w-
Skull Crushers

Recent Posts
  • Sarah Schulz King

    A. Done
    B. Worked up to 110#, 115 felt too heavy today
    C. 24:35 RX+, slow push ups, elbow still hurting!
    D. 15# DB, 45# bar for skull crushers

  • Matt McDonald

    A. No go
    B. 5×[email protected] across. Superset with weighted pull-ups
    Weightlifting class
    C. No go (knee pain)
    D. 20lb Dumbbells, 55lb dumbbell skull crushers

    • Sarah Schulz King

      Why do all the guys skip the fun warm ups?!?!

  • Chris Pierce

    A. Nope.
    B. Worked up to 155lb x 5, then 165lb x 1.
    C. 22:53 Rx
    D. 25lb DB curls, Wasn’t sure what skull crushers were, so used 15lb DB for overhead tricep extension (1 arm at a time).

    Really disappointed with the numbers on the bench, but it was such a great day and a good workout over all, I left feeling great!

    • Matt McDonald

      Good werk in there Chris! Ask a coach or look up movements you are unsure of on YouTube!

      • Chris Pierce

        Thanks Matt! I will do that from now on.