Competition (04/20/15)

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Today is the start of our 2016 Open Prep Cycle – Open Prep will start at the top and Regional Prep will appear at the bottom of the page.

Open Prep

This week kicks off our 2016 Open Prep Programming. We’re starting with a hypertrophy phase to help add some size before we start going heavy. Notice the introduction of numbers with brackets “[8]” – this is the desired RPE (rate of perceived exertion) for that exercise. This will help control fatigue since our overall rep volume will be much higher.

For example, if you’re doing 5×12 back squats, you don’t want to go as heavy as you possibly can, otherwise you’ll be wrecked for a week… So you would push at a level of 8 and leave a little in the tank. Also, we’ll be using RPE to help control base, load, performance, and deload weeks.

Here are a few things to expect during this phase:

  •  Higher reps and complexes in the Olympic lifts
  • 10-12 rep sets in the slow lifts
  • We’ll be focusing on accessory work (you may even see some bodybuilding-style exercises show up)
  • We’ll keep metcons / conditioning relatively low impact

A few other things to note about this cycle:

  • When you see a superset, minimize your rest. Bounce immediately from one movement to the next and only take enough time for a handful of breaths and/or to slightly recharge.
  • Don’t take a lot of time between exercises We’re not going to max lifts right away. Part of your aerobic conditioning will come from how fast you cycle between sections (A, B, C, etc), and supersets.
  • That said, all reps should be performed with strict/near perfect form and NOT at metcon pace.
  • Posting – Please use the Disqus app / comments section to post your workouts. It saves your comments and will allow you to go back, find previous lifts/workouts, and track your progress.

Every 2min for 16min:
(3 Pos Power Clean) x 2
*Start moderate and build into a heavy-ish complex

Back Squat
4×12 [8] -superset with-
Glute Bridges
4×12 [8] *On floor, no weight. These are acting as a corrective/glute activation drill

4×12 [8] -superset with-
4×6-8 [8]

4×12 / leg
Perform all 12 on righ, and then all 12 on left
-superset with-
Calf Raise

*Use a box/step/ledge. Go unweighted today. You can add weight next week

10×20 Cal Row [9] *1min Walking Rest Between attempts


Regional Prep
*Split into two sessions today

AM Session

Every 30 sec for 5min:
1 Broad Jump (80-90% ME)
3 Attempts to establish a max broad jump
*rest as needed. 2 foot takeoff. 2 foot landing.

Front Squat
12min to build into a heavy-ish single

10min EMOM:
Hang Clean + Thruster
*Start moderate and build into a heavy single

PM Session

4 RFT of:
10 GHD Sit-ups
10 RKBS (70, 53)
40 ft HS Walk

3 Rounds for time of:
15 Burpees over the bar
12 Deadlift (185, 130)
9 HPC (185, 130)
6 Front Squats (185, 130)

5min R&R Row or Airdyne

Recent Posts
  • chris redden

    A. Did power clean from all three positions each time X2. Worked to 165, could have gone heavier
    B. 165
    C. 135 & 90
    D. Bar on back rack 95lb
    E. Done average 55 seconds each round
    Trying to feel out each part for the correct weight, went lighter because of high reps.
    Did class weightlifting snatch. Hit 190

    • Case

      Thanks for posting Chris. Sounds like you did the right thing on power cleans. It’s 1 at the hip, 1 at the knee, 1 from the floor… then repeat.

  • Brett Moore

    A. worked up to 185
    B. 2 sets at 165

    C. 3 sets- 135 & 90
    D- 65 lbs
    E-:55-1 min each round
    snatch work- worked up to 185, 2 attempts at 200.

    • Case

      Thanks for posting Brett!

  • Stuart Stark

    A. 135, 155×7
    B. 155, 165, 185×2
    C. RDL = 135×4, GHR 4×8
    D. BW
    E. worst = :48, best = :34. Hung out in the 1500-1700 cal/hour range mostly.

    This workout kicked my butt in a way that my butt has not been kicked in a while.

  • Renee English

    (Doing regional prep simply bc I train w/the girls in afternoon, I’ll switch to open prep after)
    B. Up to 200
    C. 85-135

    A. 6ish (hs walk practice)
    B. 9:11 Rx