Competition (04/17/15)

 In Competition

5×3 @ 5-10#s heavier than last Friday

12min to build into a heavy power clean

10min EMOM:
3 Muscle Ups
2 Power Cleans
*Build into a heavy weight and maintain for PC. They do not have to be tap-n-go. Score is weight used on power cleans.

2 Rounds for time of:
50 Cal Row
25 Front Squats (205, 145)
10 STOH (205, 145)

5min R&R Row

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  • Stuart Stark

    B. 255 (PR)
    C. failed in the 7th minute (2 MU). #205 for the power cleans. I went big and I went home early. Lesson learned.

    • Matt McDonald

      Nice PR Stuart! I’ve been
      Gunning for that number for awhile (gettin close)

      • Stuart Stark

        Thanks! I will be waiting for that IG post when you do get it.